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If you’re looking to keep up to date with whats going on in the local music scene check out the Canberra Gigs page on facebook

Its just started at the moment but hopefully it grows into something really cool and comprehensive… we may even see if we can share it here with you guys if you’re not on facebook


OK, we’ve just plugged in our first job section of the site, its obviously still in its infancy so bear with us and we’ll iron out any kinks that may arise in the near future but if you’ve got something to list nows your chance!

Check it out at

We will be charging $5 per ad posted (a portion of this will go to a local charity) but we feel that this will filter out many of the time wasters that might be seen on other sites (basically if they don’t have $5 to spend on a job ad you probably don’t want to work for them)  Just fill out your add and of course either post a contact number and well get in touch with you or email me at and we’ll sort it out from there, we can take credit card or paypal


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