Hope all you guys and gals are doing well…. It looks like another great week for the canberra gig scene! GIG of the week would have to be Veruca Salt of course but lets face it you’re either going to that one by now…. or you’re not so maybe if you’re not go check out local horror at the phoenix tonight they are always a great show!



Varuca Salt and the Lemonheads @The Royal Theatre FB LINK

Local Horror, The Filthy Darlings and Damien Ashcroft FB LINK


Grunge Night @the Basement feat; The Pretty Bones, Telephones for Eyes, Click Cult and Organic mechanic FB LINK


Adaptors “Crystal Eye” @The Basement with Breeding Audacity and Space Party FB LINK


VeeBees @the Pheonix with Meatbeaters and Fat and the Dickie Birds FB LINK


Another huge week for the heavier side of things this week with Israeli band Viscera Trail and English Metal legends Venom making their first ever trips to Australia! Also intererstingly enough the first gig I’ve ever heard of at the Food Co-op in Action this could be interesting too!

Tuesday 20th Feb

Viscera Trail @the basement w/ Terravorous and Blight Worms (only $10 entry)  FB LINK

Wednesday 21st Feb

Acoustic Pints @the Pheonix with Jim Dusty, Beth Monzo, PJ Johnson and Kopasetic

A Southern Jaunt @the Basement featuring Talisen / Mattersphere / Odysseus Reborn / Symptoms Persist / Cognisant

Thursday 22nd Feb

Venom inc (UK) @the basement … Legendary metal band that influenced Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer first time Down Under w/ Desecrator  and local lads Reign of Terror FB LINK

Friday 23rd Feb

Black Swamp / flaming Wreckage @the basement with Maris King and Deprivation FB LINK

Los Chavos @the Pheonix

Saturday 24th Feb

The King Hits and the Feullers @the Pheonix 

Big Birthday Bash @ The basement Lions of the underground / Reign of terror / Lycanthrope / Cockbelch / Path of victory / Terravorous / Black mountain / Eviserate the crown FB LINK

Wednesday 28th Feb

Acoustic Soup @the Food Co-op (Kingsley st Acton) with Kopasetic, Michael Misa, and Tom Brodrick



Well… This week the Front Bar / Cafe  in Lyneham is changing hands …. Though I get the feeling that has already happned so you’ll have to get along there soon and see what the new owners have in store for the place….  was a cool little joint, though I have to confess I didn’t get out there much, it was cool the few times I did go there.

In other news Smiths Alternate Bookstore seem to be about to expand over the newsagent that used to be next door, I like this venue and I like what Nigel does, great to see it getting bigger and better! Kudos!

This week doesn’t seem to be a lot going on except for METAL!!! Both happening at the basement of course and both internationally recognised bands that are sure stop those metal cravings if you’re that way inclined

Also just wanted to say things seem to be going well at this here old blog! If you’re involved in the Canberra Music industry and want to advertise your big gig, venture or business with us mesg us on our facebook page,,,, rates are really cheap and we’ve got a pretty focused group of followers who actually do tend to go out to shows, reading this!~ Canberra gigs on Facebook 


NeObliviscaris (vic) Circles and Immorium @The Basement FB LINK

Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow @Smiths FB LINK


Cattle Decapitation (USA) Psychroptic (tas) with Wretch @the  basement FB LINK 


Monkey Brain

Another week of musical goodness for you! Been looking ahead for the next few weeks of posts and we’ve got some great stuff coming up so keep your ears to the ground for some great (and really big nights coming up soon)

Thursday 1st Feb

Silentia @the basement – Rock / Metal covers done with acoustic sensibilities (pretty sure this is free to get into ) FB LINK

Friday 2nd Feb

Monkey Brain @ Powerhouse cafe Funky stuff! (Heydon pl.Evatt) NOTE early start 5:30-7:30 FB LINK

Kath and Ross @ The Durham (Kingston) FB LINK

Monday Feb 5th

Chasing Nimbus @Casey (not sure of location) FB LINK



GIGS THIS WEEK 24 Jan 31st jan

Well… looks like Canberra is starting to fire up after a really slow summer break …. Also we’ve got news that the Monaro Tavern (250 Canberra Ave) outside the Short Stay Accomadation are about to start putting on shows…. If you’re keen just go in there and have a word to Stewie (he’s  pretty approachable bloke) and see if you can get something started!!! I just went in there earlier this arvo and they’re pretty open about what kind of bands performers they’re willing to take and happy to kick the bands a few dollars and free entry on the door to play.


Rock or Be Rocked (Rock Cover band) at the C3 Family Bar and Bistro (Calwell club I assume??) FB LINK

Save the Pheonix @the Pheonix featuring Mikelangelo (he is awesome btw) , Brass Knuckle BB, and East Row Rabble FB LINK

SAT 27th JAN

Defenstration, Wrong, Chud, Blightworms (and some band whose logo is so gosh darn metal i can’t even read it) at The Front Cafe in Lyneham – This will be interesting to see how an extreme metal gig goes in a suburban cafe FB LINK

Aussie Bangers and Mosh … Feat: Lions of the Underground, Kitten Hurricane, Scavenger Become, The Maybe List, Prophecies, Reliqua … Heavier Stuff @ The Basement FB LINK

MON 29th JAN

Wandering Ghosts, Renegade Peacock, Second Sun, Hence the Testbed @The Pheonix FB LINK



This weeks gigs 16th -21st Jan

Well things seem to be moving along a little for the Pheonix they’ve raised around half of their $75k goal to so if you’re so inclined to help them out check out their Go Fund Me page and kick in a little

Friday Jan 19th

80’s Tribute night @the Basement We’re still obviously gearing up for the year ahead but we do have one crankin’ 80’s tribute night featuring the talents of various local bands and performers paying tribute to bands such as Motley Cru, Madonna, U2, Guns n Roses, Blondie and heaps more!   FB LINK

THIS WEEKS GIGS 09 Jan – 14th Jan

Hello Lovelies!

Hope we all had a refreshing Christmas and New Years Break, but time to get back into it now with this weeks gig guide but first some rather troubling news…. The Phoenix Bar in Civic’s East Row is in a fair bit trouble… Seems they’ve spent a lot of money fixing up their premises and as a result have fallen behind on their rent. (It’s of course a lot more complex than that but best get the full story off their publicity team) They have a meeting at 5:30 tonight (which i know will be too short notice for many of you to do much about) but keep an eye on their facebook page and if there’s anything you can do to help, even if its just having a cheeky pint on your way home whist waiting in the interchange for your bus it will all help.


Other than that it seems to be a fairly quiet on week for canberra in the gig sense but i’ll have a more serious look to see if i can find anything worth mentioning gig wise …or feel free to send me something through the facebook page

SAT 13th FEB

Trollfest @ The basement – Featuring Trollfest (norway) Trolhaugen (brisbane) and Valhalore (Wollongong) An epic night of medieval themed Metal!  FB LINK

Transit bar showcasing Wesley and the Crushers, Local Horror, Blissphorous, and BetaBlockers



First up just a quick apology about not getting onto this gig guide yesterday but work …. blah … blah got in the way but that’s alright its Christmas and the gigs are slowing down a bit this week but there’s still a couple of cool little things you can get to if you need to get out of the house…. If anyone’s got anything they want featured be sure to let me know and i’ll put it up here, because I’m sure we must have more than this going on!


Wednesday 20th Dec

SOB Acoustic Night with Jack, Azim, Jamie & Hollis @the Pheonix FB LINK

Thursday 21st Dec

Silentia @ the Basement (Acoustic Rock / Metal covers) FB LINK

Friday 22nd Dec

Metropolis/ Basement Xmas Party @the Basement (Rock / Heavy / Alternate covers) FB LINK


Remember to stay safe over Christmas and Look out for our new years happenings next week! Also Cheers to our webhosts Click on Canberra for hosting this blog, hopefully We’ll get some time to ramp up the design and functionality of the Blog over the quiet time 🙂


Another great week of local gigs and local talent coming up for you this week!  Live music is good for the Soul! 🙂

Monday 11 dec

Bootleg sessions @the phoenix feat: Grand Duke, Sally Chicane, the Black Horses and Jim Dusty FB LINK

Thursday 14th Dec

The Bennies, The Sugarcanes, The Cutaways @ the Basement FB LINK

Friday 15th Dec

The Ians w/ Teen Jesus, Trash Mâché & Dalmacia @The Pheonix FB LINK

A very 80’s Christmas hosted by Flux Capacitator @the Basement (not sure if bands or Dj…) FB LINK

Funk it out… no Doubt @the Transit feat: The Wumpaz, Pleased to Jive you and An Inconvenient Groove FB LINK

Girl Atones @Smiths Alt. Bookstore (album launch) FB LINK

Saturday 16th Dec

Cellblock 69 @the Basement  (SOLD OUT) with Knights of the Spatchcock supporting FB LINK

WitchSkull @the Pot Belly with Way of the Wolf FB LINK




Another Great week of gigs coming your way! Do yourself a favour and see if you can get out to at least one of them!


Wednesday 6th Dec

Lagerstien, Knights of the Spatchcock, Beast Impalor @ The basement FB LINK

Thursday 7th Dec

Ripped Salvation @ Vikings Erindale FB LINK

National Live Music Awards –  feat: The Ansah Brothers (Genesis Owusu & Citizen Kay) , Betty Alto, KG, Glitoris (DJ SET)@ Smiths Alt. Bookshop FB LINK

British India @ The Basement FB LINK

Friday 8th Dec

She Riff (women of metal)featuring Read Sea and Chud @ Transit Bar FB LINK

The Accicia Strain with Kulbai Khan @The Basement FB LINK