This weeks gigs Feb 27th

Well its been an eventful last week, our beloved Phoenix would appear to be shut down again ūüôĀ which really sucks as they were providing a cool space in the city for indy bands to strut their stuff. If anything can be taken from this, its that you do NEED to support the venues that support your music, especially if you’re in a band and expect to keep playing live.

Thursday 28th Feb

Earthless @ The Basement w/Space Carbonara EVENT LINK

Scott Cook and the She’ll be Rights @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Matthew Nicholls Quartet Feat: John Mackey EVENT LINK

Friday 1st Mar

Live Evil @ the basment (heavy metal covers band) EVENT LINK

Anti Beer Discrimination Day @ Smiths Alternative feat: Wesley and the Crushers and Rumblr EVENT LINK

Teenage Dads @ The Transit bar EVENT LINK

Saturday 2nd Mar

Metropolis @ The Basement (hard / classic rock cover band) EVENT LINK (free entry)

Reggae Rampage @ Smiths Alternate feat: Agency Dub and the Kingstons  EVENT LINK | Daoiri Farrell EVENT  LINK

Blossom EP Launch@ The Transit feat; Small Talk, Capital Breakfast Club, Lady Denman and Charlotte and the Harlotts EVENT LINK

Sunday 3rd March

Alma Orcquestra @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

This weeks gigs 21st Feb

Los Chavos

Hey folks!

Sorry about the lengthy hiatus from posting updates but we’re back in action for the year so better late than never! Looks like a pretty chilled weekend for Canberra Music This week, I think I’m going to give gig of the week to long running Canberra mob, Los Chavos at the Phoenix! But Chilled weeks can be pretty cool too so kick back and soak up some tunes!


Thursday 21st Feb

Butternut Sweetheart @Smiths Alternate w/ Pheno  EVENT LINK

Friday 22nd Feb

The Scabz @ the Phoenix with Slagatha Christie and Sarky Bastard EVENT LINK

Key Grip @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Band Night @ The Pot Belly feat: Flash Anthem, Big Kahuna, Highland Light and Partly Cloudy EVENT LINK

Sat 23rd Feb

Cosmic Kiss @ The Basment EVENT LINK (free entry)

Los Chavos @ The Phoenix w/ Kopacetic EVENT LINK

Sunday 24th Feb

The Audreys @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Monday 25th Feb

DIY BOOTLEG SESSIONS @ the Phoenix feat: Prophecise, Sal Viejo, Malik Faber and Hope Wilkins EVENT LINK




Looks like there’s a few less gigs on this week, which is OK because the ones we do have are lookin’ like they’ll kick ass! Of course its Christmas time and Canberra (Canberry’s) own Rock n Roll juggernauts CELL BLOCK 69 are playing a double header at the Basement this weekend, they’ve sold out the friday night show, so if you’re planning on seeing the saturday book a ticket now! Also the Sparrow folk are performing at Smiths Alternative Bookshop this weekend, if you’ve seen them before they are funny as and local performers Silentia and Laura Ingram are both playing at the basement and Smiths Respectively! Get out there!!!

Thursday 20th 

Silentia and Wark @The Basement EVENT LINK

harry Tinney Quartet @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 21st Dec

Sparrow Folk @ Smtihs Alternative EVENT LINK

The Caravan (Refugee Fundraiser) @ Smiths Feat: Johnny Huckle, The Zackerbilks, The Latin Collective and Canberra Brass EVENT LINK

Cell Block 69 @ The Basement EVENT LINK (Sold Out)

Ben Leece @ The Transit EVENT LINK

Saturday 22nd Dec

Charlotte and the Harlots @The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Cell Block 69 @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Ten Reasons Orchestra @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Old Married Couple presents “A Very Vaudeville Christmas” @ Smiths¬†¬†EVENT LINK

Sunday 23rd Dec

Simon Paparo @ Smtihs Alternative EVENT LINK | Laura Ingram and Chris Endry @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Monday 24th Dec

Munro Melano @ Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK



As the lead up to Chrissy gets hot and sweaty make sure you take some time out to catch some cool tunes whatever your taste! It will calm the X-mas tension! I promise ūüôā Some of the highlighs include (of course) Aussie guitar slinger Kevin Borich (with the Roger Bone band supporting) at the Basement and something that sounds very interesting Kenta Hyashi who will be putting on an avant garde set at Smiths using resonance frequencies amongst other things… Could be very interesting!


Wednesday 12th Dec

Lady Denman , Endrey, Beth Monzo and Ghost Boy @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

Thursday 13th Dec

Green/ coventry/ Thwaite @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 14th Dec

Infinite Illusion @ the Basement with Kaskied, Hara Kiri, Reality Dreaming and Black Heart EVENT LINK

Hexis (Denmark) @ The Basement w/ Break Through EVENT LINK

Harrison Lambert @ the Transit 4pm show EVENT LINK

Dyer Maker @ The Transit w/ The Wumpaz, Marvell, Koscalla EVENT LINK

King B Fine and Afrikaya band @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Saturday 15th Dec

Kenta Hyashi @Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK

Tate Sheridan, Crossed out Names @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Cancervive @ The basement Feat: Roses for Raychel, Lycanthrope, Isotopes and Traces EVENT LINK

Kevin Borich @ the Basement EVENT LINK

Harrison Lambert @ The Transit 4pm Show EVENT LINK





Another Kick Butt week of gigs dawns upon us with some Great bands coming through the national capital, Psycroptic, Kamelot are flying the metal flag at the basment of course with punk bands Daze N Daze and the Used also touring through at the Transit and Basement Respectively. Also another event you may want to check out is the Live Music Awards on at the Phoenix (Thursday night) and our own Elvis impersonator, Lemvis doing a Frank Sinatra tribute at the Harmonie German Club… Read on, dear Reader for the dates and anything else you need to know!


Wednesday 5th Dec

Psycroptic @ the Basment w/Orpheus Omega, Claret Ash and Deprivation EVENT LINK

Mom @ The Basement w/ Sewer Side Show and Charlotte and the Harlotts EVENT LINK

Night Tongue, Happy Axe and Spirit of the Dead @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Thursday 6th Dec

National Live Music Awards @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Kamelot @ the Basment w/Valhallore EVENT LINK

Marton and Barret @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 7th Dec

Massive @ The Transit w/ Tonk EVENT LINK

Sky Scraper Stan, Burley Griffin, Second Sun, Calum Stenning Band EVENT LINK

Glitoris @ The Basement w/ Brass Knuckle Brass Band, Chud and Los Chavos EVENT LINK 

A Very Musical Christmas @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

The Ratbags (Frank Sinatra Tribute) by Lemvis @ The Harmonie German Club EVENT LINK

Saturday 8th Dec

Moonlover , Kilroy , Peach Lane @ Transit Bar EVENT LINK

Jonathon Devoy @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Robbie Mann (strie Soiree) @ Smiths EVENT LINK | The Djangologists, Gyspy Jazz Projoect EVENT LINK

Tuesday 11th Dec


The Used @ The Basement EVENT LINK



Another week of gig going goodness coming at you this week we’ve got the return of locals Yoko Oh No¬† with new stoner doom out fit Lucifungus (love the name) playing at the Phoenix and a big name keyboardist Jordan Rudess of Dream Theatre playing the basement … Another fun one to check out will be the CBGB’s christmas party also at the basement and The Fuellers at the Old Canberra Inn… Also big ups to Smiths Alternate Bookshop for their steady run of shows, its a different format those guys do but it seems to be working with a couple of sold out shows on the horizon for them this week…. best get in early for their gigs from here on in!

On a sadder note, we’d like to say a “Rest in Peace” to local photographer “Pling PX” I can’t say i knew him personally but have seen his work around canberra for years dating back to the 90’s. He was a great photographer and certainly missed by a lot of you


Wednesday 28th Nov

Jordan Rudess (Dream Theatre) @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Soda Boys (NZ) @ the Phoenix w Lost Coast and Video Breezy EVENT LINK

Mick Thomas (Sold out) @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Smiths Varietal w/ Lady Denman EVENT LINK

Thursday 29th Nov

Phil Jamieson @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Steve Richards Quartet @ Smiths EVENT LINK | Dave Wells @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Friday 30th Nov

Ablaze @ The basement with Johnny Roadkill, Wark and Cognisant EVENT LINK 

Zambezi Sounds @ the Phoenix w/DJ DeDe EVENT LINK

Squid Fishing , Don’t waste your time @ the Transit EVENT LINK

CBGB’s Christmas Party @ The Basement feat: AstroZombies (misfits, Ramones, Blondie Cover Night) EVENT LINK

Tim Freedman (Early Show – Sold Out) @ Smiths EVENT LINK | Tim Freedman (late show) @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Saturday 1st Dec

Mule / YoKo- OhNo and Lucifungus @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

The Fuellers and The Get Downs @ Old Canberra Inn EVENT LINK

Wesley and the Crushers @ Polish Club w/ Beta Blockers, The Krapth and Minh Ha EVENT LINK

Sebasitan Feild and Fossil Rabbit @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Grizzlee Train @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Unlocking the Doors @ The Basement – Doors Tribute Night EVENT LINK

Radiator Hospital (USA) @ The Transit w/Mount Defiance EVENT LINK

The Social Norm and Skyvory @ The Pot Belly EVENT LINK

Monday 3rd Dec

Leslie Lebkowicz and Jill Jones @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK



Greetings all! Another Week of cool local gigs coming at ya’s! First up congrats to the Phoenix Bar for their 25th Birthday (it seems like longer than that since i first went there… but I’ll take their word for it) again i know they’ve changed owners but its still a huge achievement for any local bar to last that long! Of course they’ll be celebrating with some cool local bands on the friday and Saturday!¬† While were more about pushing bands and live music one cool event is the burlesque show at the basement this Friday with heaps of dancers (too many to mention) and the always cool Queen tribute band Stone Cold Crazies, either way looks like it would be fun! If you like it heavy Black Mountain, Reign of Terror and South Australia’s Silence the unknown kickin it at the basement. Anyway whatever you’re doing make sure you do it well and with some local music!

Wednesday 21st Nov

Baker Boys @The basement (free entry) EVENT LINK

Thursday 22nd Nov

Silence the Unknown (SA) @ The basement w/ Black Mountain, Reign of Terror and Stones Throw EVENT LINK

Press Club @ Transit Bar w/ Sports Bar and White Blanks EVENTLINK

Miroslav Bukovski Quintet @ Smiths EVENT LINK | Scroggin’ @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Friday 23rd Nov

25 years of the phoenix@ the Phoenix feat: Slow Dial, The Ians, Babe Fiasco, Axiomatic Theory and Charlotte and the Harlotts EVENT LINK

Mog @ Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK

Banging at the Basement @ The Basement Feat: burlesque Dancers and Queen Tribute band Stone Cold Crazies EVENT LINK

Saturday 24th Nov

25 Years of the Phoenix @ The Phoenix feat: Slow Turismo, Kilroy, Dog Name, Neko Pink and Small Talk EVENT LINK

Sweet home Chicago (Blues bros. Tribute) @ The basement w/ Roses in Hand EVENT LINK

The Calum Stenning Band @ Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK | ZackerBills @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Sunday 25th Nov

The waiting Game @ Smiths Alternative w/ The Burley Griffins EVENT LINK¬†| Gypsy Jazz Project @Smiths w/ Cameron Jones Trio and Irene’s Gypsy Swing Band EVENT LINK




Hope you all like the new layout of the site! this week we’ve got gigs from I Exist / Witchskull, The Stone Cold Crazies, Black Mountain, Fat Controller, Wreckless Eric and Heaps more and to top it all off the Pot Belly (whilst it has changed owners numerous times) is having its 41st Birthday! Congrats for what could be the longest standing grass roots level venue in Canberra! Read on!


Wednesday 14th Nov

Groove Night @ The Phoenix feat: TD and the Rockets, Harrisson Lambert and the Heartbreak Bandits, House of Strangers, Jonah Myers EVENT LINK

Jason Recliner @ Smiths Alternate Bookshop EVENT LINK

Thursday 15th Nov

The Go Set and XLSF (UK) @ The Transit EVENT LINK

The Gravy Trane @Smiths EVENT LINK | Coolio Desgracias @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot belly feat: Rosie and Sam, Stone Cold Crazies (queen tribute) EVENT LINK

Friday 16th Nov

I Exist @ The Transit w/ Witchskull, Potion and Bloodmouth EVENT LINK

Belco Blitz @ The Basement feat: Inebriator, Cockbelch , Black Mountain and the Goddamn Sons of Bitches (Misfits tribute) EVENT LINK

Mezko, Vowws and Neko Pink @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Northbourne Flats @Smiths EVENT LINK |Diana Anaid EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot Belly feat: Thompson Lane, Jim Sharrock EVENT LINK

Saturday 17th Nov

Kristen Lee Morris @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @Pot belly Feat: John Wickham, Triply, Box Jelly, Space Party, The Get Downs, Fat Controller, Hence the Testbed, Black Mountain EVENT LINK

Sunday 18th Nov

Wreckless Eric @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Shaun Kirk @Smiths EVENT LINK

Tuesday 20th Nov

Heaven & Hell for the Phonix B’day @ The Phoenix feat: Black Heart, Davey Smiles, Highland Light, Die Screaming and Swift Peaks EVENT LINK



This weeks Gigs Nov 7th!


Wow! Another huge week of local music with most nights having multiple events across multiple genres to choose from, you’s are all spoilt for choice hehe! Friday night seems to be a big one across canberra with the Basement , Transit bar and Phoenix putting on some great rock bands and another 90’s Tribute night coming in from the basement (these are always huge!) but as always make sure you’re checkin’ something out this weeekend! It all looks great! Also if you’re a bit more cashed up and into heavy music Conan and Iconoclast both have gigs lined up in Canberra this week too!


Wednesday 7th Nov

Conan and Witchbell @ the basement EVENT LINK

Maverick @ The Phoenix w/Charlotte and the Harlots, Honey Hayze and Black hearts EVENT LINK

Kallidad (album Launch) @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK 

Thursday 8th Nov

Jackie Brown Jr @ Transit Bar /Azim Zain, Betty Alto and Cathy Diver EVENT LINK

Katchafire , Earthkry and Black Brothers @ The basement EVENT LINK

Lachy Hamilton 4tet @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Andi Trio @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 9th Nov

Alternate Rock Night @ The basement feat: Skyvory, The Pretty Bones, Blissphorous and Swift Peaks EVENT LINK

Talesin @ Transit bar w/ Mattersphere, Riff Raiders and Oshie EVENT LINK

Wesley and the Crushers @ Phoenix bar with Time and Weight, Chesterfield Band and Filthy Darlings EVENT LINK

Keith Potger @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK | Afro Moses @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Saturday 10th Nov

90’s Music Festivals @ The basement heaps of local musicians covering Soundgarden, Nirvana, Primus, White Zombie and heaps more EVENT LINK

Stepson @ Transit bar w/ After touch, Elk Locker and Leftie EVENT LINK

Hoodlum Shouts @ Phoenix w/ Cat heaven, Shoeb Ahmad and Like Foxes EVENT LINK

Rudio Flamenco @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Thando @ Mr Wolf EVENT LINK

Sunday 11th Nov

Orb w/ Stringers and Bacon Cake @ The basement EVENT LINK

Do it in a dress (Fundraiser) @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Tuesday 13th Nov

Iconoclast @ The basement w/ Wraith and Deathbeds EVENTLINK



This weeks gigs 31st OCT


Another week of gig goodness coming at ya! Gig of the week this week would have to go to local lads Psionic Tide playing at the Transit bar! They’re a great local rockin outfit that delivers really solid tunes and great vocals do yourself a favour and check them out!!!! Also the British India (for non local bands) also looks like it could be a great gig but either way do yourself a favour and check something out, maybe better yet go see something you wouldn’t normally see or someone¬† you’ve never heard of before!


Wednesday 31 Oct

Midweek blues explosion @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

Reischmann and West @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Thursday 1st Nov

TUG @ The Transit Bar EVENT LINK

Wayne Kelly Trio @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Friday 2nd Nov

British India @the Basement EVENT LINK

Zambezi Sounds @ The Phoenix  w/ De De DaCruz  EVENT LINK

Bucky and Jeffro’s Pro Blues Jam @ The Austrian Australian Club¬† w/ Muddy Wolfe EVENT LINK

Abbaddon Incarnate (ireland) @ The transit Bar w/Blight worms and Wounded Pig EVENT LINK

Lo’99 @Mr Wolfe w/ Double Agent¬†EVENT LINK

Cloudbird @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK


Psionic Tide @ The Transit with Skyvory, The Pretty Bones and Axiomatic Theorty EVENT LINK

Breizers, Slow Dial, The Credits, The new Party and Death by Carrot @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

She Riff (belco) @ The Pot belly bar w/the Get downs, Sally Chicane and GtoA EVENT LINK

Monday 5th Nov

Pleased to Jive you (single launch) @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK