Another great week of local gigs and local talent coming up for you this week!  Live music is good for the Soul! 🙂

Monday 11 dec

Bootleg sessions @the phoenix feat: Grand Duke, Sally Chicane, the Black Horses and Jim Dusty FB LINK

Thursday 14th Dec

The Bennies, The Sugarcanes, The Cutaways @ the Basement FB LINK

Friday 15th Dec

The Ians w/ Teen Jesus, Trash Mâché & Dalmacia @The Pheonix FB LINK

A very 80’s Christmas hosted by Flux Capacitator @the Basement (not sure if bands or Dj…) FB LINK

Funk it out… no Doubt @the Transit feat: The Wumpaz, Pleased to Jive you and An Inconvenient Groove FB LINK

Girl Atones @Smiths Alt. Bookstore (album launch) FB LINK

Saturday 16th Dec

Cellblock 69 @the Basement  (SOLD OUT) with Knights of the Spatchcock supporting FB LINK

WitchSkull @the Pot Belly with Way of the Wolf FB LINK



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