First up just a quick apology about not getting onto this gig guide yesterday but work …. blah … blah got in the way but that’s alright its Christmas and the gigs are slowing down a bit this week but there’s still a couple of cool little things you can get to if you need to get out of the house…. If anyone’s got anything they want featured be sure to let me know and i’ll put it up here, because I’m sure we must have more than this going on!


Wednesday 20th Dec

SOB Acoustic Night with Jack, Azim, Jamie & Hollis @the Pheonix FB LINK

Thursday 21st Dec

Silentia @ the Basement (Acoustic Rock / Metal covers) FB LINK

Friday 22nd Dec

Metropolis/ Basement Xmas Party @the Basement (Rock / Heavy / Alternate covers) FB LINK


Remember to stay safe over Christmas and Look out for our new years happenings next week! Also Cheers to our webhosts Click on Canberra for hosting this blog, hopefully We’ll get some time to ramp up the design and functionality of the Blog over the quiet time 🙂

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