Well… This week the Front Bar / Cafe  in Lyneham is changing hands …. Though I get the feeling that has already happned so you’ll have to get along there soon and see what the new owners have in store for the place….  was a cool little joint, though I have to confess I didn’t get out there much, it was cool the few times I did go there.

In other news Smiths Alternate Bookstore seem to be about to expand over the newsagent that used to be next door, I like this venue and I like what Nigel does, great to see it getting bigger and better! Kudos!

This week doesn’t seem to be a lot going on except for METAL!!! Both happening at the basement of course and both internationally recognised bands that are sure stop those metal cravings if you’re that way inclined

Also just wanted to say things seem to be going well at this here old blog! If you’re involved in the Canberra Music industry and want to advertise your big gig, venture or business with us mesg us on our facebook page,,,, rates are really cheap and we’ve got a pretty focused group of followers who actually do tend to go out to shows, reading this!~ Canberra gigs on Facebook 


NeObliviscaris (vic) Circles and Immorium @The Basement FB LINK

Tim McMillan and Rachel Snow @Smiths FB LINK


Cattle Decapitation (USA) Psychroptic (tas) with Wretch @the  basement FB LINK 

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