Here at Canberra Bands, we want to get new music out to more of you and what better way than by getting to know the bands involved in the
scene? We’re hoping to do a few of these with the bands that are actually playing around the ACT… So with that in mind the first cab off the rank we thought we’d hit up the dudes from local rock group “Wesley and The Crushers”, who’ve been gigging around town for a few years now at all the cool local haunts!

WESLEY AND THE CRUSHERS Formed in 2013 and still rockin’ to this day the members are:
BIG WES – big bass
PETE MARTEL – drums and dance choreography
GOO – mystic sceptre, occasional guitar
PHIZZ – master of ceremonies, occasional vocals, “Edna” the melodica

 First up can you tell us a little about your band? When and how did you
guys get together? Mutual interests (musical or otherwise)? How did the
name come about? What musical genre do you think you guys fall into?

PETE: We all have the same varied taste in music, movies and pop culture
[but] Big Wes is the metaphorical glue that stuck The Crushers together.
PHIZZ: The movie Jaws is known to be a big influence on our early days,
but the truth is, the one thing all four of us really dug was Star Trek –Wesley
and The Crushers is a Star Trek reference and happened to be the best one I
could come up with a time… We’re kinda stuck with it now – like The
Beatles, who I think we’re comparable to in many ways – but there is an
American band with the same name, so remember, Crushermaniacs: we’re
the ones who only occasionally wear Star Wars masks, and purely for
comfort reasons!

GOO: We play deep rock.
PHIZZ: And space funk.
PETE: Deep space funk rock!

Have the guys been in other bands or is this a first for you guys?

PETE: All the dudes in Wesley and The Crushers have been in other bands
at one point or another.
PHIZZ: It would be safe to call The Crushers a supergroup…
GOO: Safe, not accurate.

What have you been up to in the last few months, or do you have anything
exciting coming up that you want to let Canberra Gigs readers know about?

PHIZZ: I’ve got a great name for the next Crushers album, but what we’re
focusing on right now is laying down a version of “Damn Computers” that
we can put out there in the next few weeks. Then we’ll keep on recording
until we enough songs with a slightly more Australian perspective to release
an album called Megafaunication.
PETE: And playing live whenever we can!

What are the plans for the future?

PETE: Well, I’m into world domination, haha! But even a European tour
would be my dream.
GOO: The ultimate song will always need to be written.

How would Canberra gigs readers be able to get a hold of your music?

PHIZZ: If you come to our next gig, you can buy direct from the band
themselves! The very people who made the albums! Or message the band
through our Facebook ( page and we can have
one sent to you via carrier pigeon or other more practical postal method. For
those who can dig-it-all in the digital sense of the word, go to – all the music is there, and possibly
even some merch one of these days.

What do you find the hardest part of being a Canberra-based band?

PHIZZ: Being in a good time party band isn’t a drag in any city. If there is
any void in the scene, we’re here to fill it… With style!

Any really cool stories or memories of the Canberra Scene / gigs / venues
you want to share?

Be sure to check the lads out on youtube at their channel


Or Just check out one of their songs here!


  • I LOOOOVE these guys.
    Their music is transcendental.
    You can’t help but dig the vibe 💜🤘
    Check them out, they’ll fill your ears with joy.

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