Hope you all like the new layout of the site! this week we’ve got gigs from I Exist / Witchskull, The Stone Cold Crazies, Black Mountain, Fat Controller, Wreckless Eric and Heaps more and to top it all off the Pot Belly (whilst it has changed owners numerous times) is having its 41st Birthday! Congrats for what could be the longest standing grass roots level venue in Canberra! Read on!


Wednesday 14th Nov

Groove Night @ The Phoenix feat: TD and the Rockets, Harrisson Lambert and the Heartbreak Bandits, House of Strangers, Jonah Myers EVENT LINK

Jason Recliner @ Smiths Alternate Bookshop EVENT LINK

Thursday 15th Nov

The Go Set and XLSF (UK) @ The Transit EVENT LINK

The Gravy Trane @Smiths EVENT LINK | Coolio Desgracias @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot belly feat: Rosie and Sam, Stone Cold Crazies (queen tribute) EVENT LINK

Friday 16th Nov

I Exist @ The Transit w/ Witchskull, Potion and Bloodmouth EVENT LINK

Belco Blitz @ The Basement feat: Inebriator, Cockbelch , Black Mountain and the Goddamn Sons of Bitches (Misfits tribute) EVENT LINK

Mezko, Vowws and Neko Pink @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Northbourne Flats @Smiths EVENT LINK |Diana Anaid EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot Belly feat: Thompson Lane, Jim Sharrock EVENT LINK

Saturday 17th Nov

Kristen Lee Morris @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @Pot belly Feat: John Wickham, Triply, Box Jelly, Space Party, The Get Downs, Fat Controller, Hence the Testbed, Black Mountain EVENT LINK

Sunday 18th Nov

Wreckless Eric @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Shaun Kirk @Smiths EVENT LINK

Tuesday 20th Nov

Heaven & Hell for the Phonix B’day @ The Phoenix feat: Black Heart, Davey Smiles, Highland Light, Die Screaming and Swift Peaks EVENT LINK



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