Greetings all! Another Week of cool local gigs coming at ya’s! First up congrats to the Phoenix Bar for their 25th Birthday (it seems like longer than that since i first went there… but I’ll take their word for it) again i know they’ve changed owners but its still a huge achievement for any local bar to last that long! Of course they’ll be celebrating with some cool local bands on the friday and Saturday!¬† While were more about pushing bands and live music one cool event is the burlesque show at the basement this Friday with heaps of dancers (too many to mention) and the always cool Queen tribute band Stone Cold Crazies, either way looks like it would be fun! If you like it heavy Black Mountain, Reign of Terror and South Australia’s Silence the unknown kickin it at the basement. Anyway whatever you’re doing make sure you do it well and with some local music!

Wednesday 21st Nov

Baker Boys @The basement (free entry) EVENT LINK

Thursday 22nd Nov

Silence the Unknown (SA) @ The basement w/ Black Mountain, Reign of Terror and Stones Throw EVENT LINK

Press Club @ Transit Bar w/ Sports Bar and White Blanks EVENTLINK

Miroslav Bukovski Quintet @ Smiths EVENT LINK | Scroggin’ @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Friday 23rd Nov

25 years of the phoenix@ the Phoenix feat: Slow Dial, The Ians, Babe Fiasco, Axiomatic Theory and Charlotte and the Harlotts EVENT LINK

Mog @ Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK

Banging at the Basement @ The Basement Feat: burlesque Dancers and Queen Tribute band Stone Cold Crazies EVENT LINK

Saturday 24th Nov

25 Years of the Phoenix @ The Phoenix feat: Slow Turismo, Kilroy, Dog Name, Neko Pink and Small Talk EVENT LINK

Sweet home Chicago (Blues bros. Tribute) @ The basement w/ Roses in Hand EVENT LINK

The Calum Stenning Band @ Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK | ZackerBills @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Sunday 25th Nov

The waiting Game @ Smiths Alternative w/ The Burley Griffins EVENT LINK¬†| Gypsy Jazz Project @Smiths w/ Cameron Jones Trio and Irene’s Gypsy Swing Band EVENT LINK


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