As the lead up to Chrissy gets hot and sweaty make sure you take some time out to catch some cool tunes whatever your taste! It will calm the X-mas tension! I promise 🙂 Some of the highlighs include (of course) Aussie guitar slinger Kevin Borich (with the Roger Bone band supporting) at the Basement and something that sounds very interesting Kenta Hyashi who will be putting on an avant garde set at Smiths using resonance frequencies amongst other things… Could be very interesting!


Wednesday 12th Dec

Lady Denman , Endrey, Beth Monzo and Ghost Boy @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

Thursday 13th Dec

Green/ coventry/ Thwaite @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 14th Dec

Infinite Illusion @ the Basement with Kaskied, Hara Kiri, Reality Dreaming and Black Heart EVENT LINK

Hexis (Denmark) @ The Basement w/ Break Through EVENT LINK

Harrison Lambert @ the Transit 4pm show EVENT LINK

Dyer Maker @ The Transit w/ The Wumpaz, Marvell, Koscalla EVENT LINK

King B Fine and Afrikaya band @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Saturday 15th Dec

Kenta Hyashi @Smiths Alternative EVENT LINK

Tate Sheridan, Crossed out Names @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Cancervive @ The basement Feat: Roses for Raychel, Lycanthrope, Isotopes and Traces EVENT LINK

Kevin Borich @ the Basement EVENT LINK

Harrison Lambert @ The Transit 4pm Show EVENT LINK




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