Canberra Gigs is here to push gigs and basically have a little fun with the coolness of the Canberra music scene. There’s no agenda to push any one type of music, so long as its live music we’re happy to help.

Obviously the site has only just started so we’re still feeling our way around this thing but in the mean time you can check out our facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/canberragigs and give it a like. We’ll be feeding our information through there from this blog.


While Facebook is cool for what it is, the platform doesn’t allow the true spreading of information (as posts only seem to get 10-20%) of followers at best this way with the blog we’re hoping to limit our reliance on facebook as the media of choice and get people in the habit of checking out the blog regularly… and We’ll reach people who don’t regularly use facebook or those who’ve lost interest in it.

We’ve got a lot of cool multimedia ideas for the site as well which we’ll get going bit by bit and we hope to create a more immersive experience for Canberra Music fans but more on that as it appears