Hope you all like the new layout of the site! this week we’ve got gigs from I Exist / Witchskull, The Stone Cold Crazies, Black Mountain, Fat Controller, Wreckless Eric and Heaps more and to top it all off the Pot Belly (whilst it has changed owners numerous times) is having its 41st Birthday! Congrats for what could be the longest standing grass roots level venue in Canberra! Read on!


Wednesday 14th Nov

Groove Night @ The Phoenix feat: TD and the Rockets, Harrisson Lambert and the Heartbreak Bandits, House of Strangers, Jonah Myers EVENT LINK

Jason Recliner @ Smiths Alternate Bookshop EVENT LINK

Thursday 15th Nov

The Go Set and XLSF (UK) @ The Transit EVENT LINK

The Gravy Trane @Smiths EVENT LINK | Coolio Desgracias @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot belly feat: Rosie and Sam, Stone Cold Crazies (queen tribute) EVENT LINK

Friday 16th Nov

I Exist @ The Transit w/ Witchskull, Potion and Bloodmouth EVENT LINK

Belco Blitz @ The Basement feat: Inebriator, Cockbelch , Black Mountain and the Goddamn Sons of Bitches (Misfits tribute) EVENT LINK

Mezko, Vowws and Neko Pink @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Northbourne Flats @Smiths EVENT LINK |Diana Anaid EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @ Pot Belly feat: Thompson Lane, Jim Sharrock EVENT LINK

Saturday 17th Nov

Kristen Lee Morris @Smiths EVENT LINK

Pot Belly 41st Birthday @Pot belly Feat: John Wickham, Triply, Box Jelly, Space Party, The Get Downs, Fat Controller, Hence the Testbed, Black Mountain EVENT LINK

Sunday 18th Nov

Wreckless Eric @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Shaun Kirk @Smiths EVENT LINK

Tuesday 20th Nov

Heaven & Hell for the Phonix B’day @ The Phoenix feat: Black Heart, Davey Smiles, Highland Light, Die Screaming and Swift Peaks EVENT LINK



This weeks gigs 31st OCT


Another week of gig goodness coming at ya! Gig of the week this week would have to go to local lads Psionic Tide playing at the Transit bar! They’re a great local rockin outfit that delivers really solid tunes and great vocals do yourself a favour and check them out!!!! Also the British India (for non local bands) also looks like it could be a great gig but either way do yourself a favour and check something out, maybe better yet go see something you wouldn’t normally see or someone  you’ve never heard of before!


Wednesday 31 Oct

Midweek blues explosion @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

Reischmann and West @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Thursday 1st Nov

TUG @ The Transit Bar EVENT LINK

Wayne Kelly Trio @ Smiths EVENT LINK

Friday 2nd Nov

British India @the Basement EVENT LINK

Zambezi Sounds @ The Phoenix  w/ De De DaCruz  EVENT LINK

Bucky and Jeffro’s Pro Blues Jam @ The Austrian Australian Club  w/ Muddy Wolfe EVENT LINK

Abbaddon Incarnate (ireland) @ The transit Bar w/Blight worms and Wounded Pig EVENT LINK

Lo’99 @Mr Wolfe w/ Double Agent EVENT LINK

Cloudbird @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK


Psionic Tide @ The Transit with Skyvory, The Pretty Bones and Axiomatic Theorty EVENT LINK

Breizers, Slow Dial, The Credits, The new Party and Death by Carrot @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

She Riff (belco) @ The Pot belly bar w/the Get downs, Sally Chicane and GtoA EVENT LINK

Monday 5th Nov

Pleased to Jive you (single launch) @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK


This weeks Gigs! Sept 13th \m/

Well another week of live music goodness draws upon us we’ve got some pretty cool local level gigs coming up for you guys and gals to check out… and on other news we’ve managed to bag our first sponsor for this little blog! Its Steve’s Guitar Services (SC GUITAR SERVICES  in the sidebar…) located out at Queanbeyan. I can vouch for this guy as well as he’s fixed up a couple of my guitars and they basically play better than they ever have before!  Give him a call!

***Also if you’ve got something you want to push contact me on facebook and we can chat about some budget conscious promo ideas 😉

Sllep makes waves live at the Harmonie German Club 15th Sept

Thursday 13th Sept

Tori Dawn @The Transit bar EVENT LINK

Friday 14th Sept

Locals Night @The Transit bar feat: Harrison Lambert, Powder Blue and Partly Cloudy EVENT LINK 

My Blood is Gasoline, @The Basement feat: Cognisant, Stone Cold Crazies playing Queen, And Then Silence, Johnny Roadkill, Hence the Testbed EVENT LINK

Dalmaicia (single launch party) @ The Phoenix feat: Dalmaicia, Babe Party, The New Party, Sally Jones, Slow Dial, Post Master EVENT LINK

Saturday 15th Sept

Sleep Makes Waves @Harmonie German Club with Blissphorous and EVENT LINK

Royale with Cheese @The basement: 90’s tribute show EVENT LINK


Gigs this week in Canberra Aug 23rd


As another weekend draws near its time for another gig listing! While we don’t have the huge names we’ve seen pass through Canberra in the last few weeks (Unless you were lucky enough to score tickets to the sold out Pete Murray show at The Basement) , we’ve got some lower key shows that are looking pretty good like long time Canberra musician Fred Smith appearing at Smiths Alternate Bookshop with Jen Lush and the Black Metal (if you’re into that sort of thing)  gig at the Basement looking like they’re going to both be real treats!

Thursday 23rd Aug

The Ocean Party, Kilroy and Tangerine @ The Phoenix EVENT LINK

Elise Walsh and Bella Grove @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Friday 24th Aug

Coffin, Sketch Method, Shock Treatment, Minor Surgery & Darrans @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

Saturday 26th Aug

Postmasters Single Launch w/ Brother Be, Flash Anthem, Babe Fiasco @ the Phoenix EVENT LINK

East Row Rabble (late show) @Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Sunday 25th Aug

Talmerlain Empire, Christ Dismembered, Black Mountain and Enviktas @ the Basement EVENT LINK

Pete Murray @ the Basement (Sold out) EVENT LINK 

Fred Smith and Jen Lush @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Tuesday 28th Aug

Boris the Blade @ the Basement EVENT LINK




This week in gigs! August 8th

As another weekend of gig going and general merriment draws upon us its time to suss out what’s going on this weekend! Here’s what we’ve found:

Pick for the biggest party of the week would have to be Giants of Metal pt 2 at the Basement, these things tend to sell out (or at least come close) so make sure you book in advance if you intend to go!!!


Charlotte and the Harlot @ Phoenix w/ Ride for Rain, Slow Dial and Lefty

FRIDAY 10th Aug:

Giants of metal @ the Basement: featuring local bands doing covers of metal greats such as Metallica, Slayer, Korn and Black Sabbath EVENT LINK

Tired Minds, Snake Pit, Fatalist, Masochist and Fight Milk @ The Phoenix

Zambezi Sounds @ Smiths Alternative Bookshop EVENT LINK

SATURDAY 11th Aug:

Panik , Clarity of Chaos, Mattershpere and Psionic Tide @ The Basement EVENT LINK

Slagatha Chistie CD Launch @ The Phoenix w/ Turn South, Sarky Bastard and Jamie Leone EVENT LINK 

Motherfunk @ The Transit w/The Wumpaz, Nic Cage and the Bad Seats EVENT LINK

Dane Overtone & The Joy Williams Band @ Smiths Alternate Bookshop EVENT LINK

MONDAY 13th Aug:

Bootleg sessions at the Phoenix EVENT LINK



Another week of awesomeness comin’ at you … And great to see another sold out show at The Basement! There’s some life in our local (touring level) bands yet! Also The waterfront in Moyura is getting into the action once again, providing an excuse to exercise the time honoured tradition of pissing off down the coast for the weekend.

Thursday 2nd August

Viktor Rufus @ Smiths Alternate(jazz) EVENT LINK

Friday 3rd August

Cancer Council Fundrasier @ the Transit Bar feat: Chud, Red Arja, Fatt Controller and Space Party EVENT LINK

The Fuellers @ The Pheonix (Pub Games of Stupidity) EVENT LINK

The Preatures @ The Basement (sold out) EVENT LINK


Saturday 4th August

Hiddent intent/ Hostel / Inebriator and Clarity of Chaos @The waterfront hotel, Moyura (Metal gig) EVENT LINK

Regurgitator @ The Basement w/ Glitoris and The Stress of Leisure EVENT LINK

Zackerbilks @ Smiths Alternate EVENT LINK

Gen A@ The Transit Bar (Taxonomy CD Launch) with Neon Honey and The Kingstons EVENT LINK



Monday 6th Aug

Bootleg Sessions @The Pheonix feat: Electric Tommy Johnston, MOG, Mach81, Hannah Blackburn EVENT LINK






Another huge week for the heavier side of things this week with Israeli band Viscera Trail and English Metal legends Venom making their first ever trips to Australia! Also intererstingly enough the first gig I’ve ever heard of at the Food Co-op in Action this could be interesting too!

Tuesday 20th Feb

Viscera Trail @the basement w/ Terravorous and Blight Worms (only $10 entry)  FB LINK

Wednesday 21st Feb

Acoustic Pints @the Pheonix with Jim Dusty, Beth Monzo, PJ Johnson and Kopasetic

A Southern Jaunt @the Basement featuring Talisen / Mattersphere / Odysseus Reborn / Symptoms Persist / Cognisant

Thursday 22nd Feb

Venom inc (UK) @the basement … Legendary metal band that influenced Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer first time Down Under w/ Desecrator  and local lads Reign of Terror FB LINK

Friday 23rd Feb

Black Swamp / flaming Wreckage @the basement with Maris King and Deprivation FB LINK

Los Chavos @the Pheonix

Saturday 24th Feb

The King Hits and the Feullers @the Pheonix 

Big Birthday Bash @ The basement Lions of the underground / Reign of terror / Lycanthrope / Cockbelch / Path of victory / Terravorous / Black mountain / Eviserate the crown FB LINK

Wednesday 28th Feb

Acoustic Soup @the Food Co-op (Kingsley st Acton) with Kopasetic, Michael Misa, and Tom Brodrick


GIGS THIS WEEK 24 Jan 31st jan

Well… looks like Canberra is starting to fire up after a really slow summer break …. Also we’ve got news that the Monaro Tavern (250 Canberra Ave) outside the Short Stay Accomadation are about to start putting on shows…. If you’re keen just go in there and have a word to Stewie (he’s  pretty approachable bloke) and see if you can get something started!!! I just went in there earlier this arvo and they’re pretty open about what kind of bands performers they’re willing to take and happy to kick the bands a few dollars and free entry on the door to play.


Rock or Be Rocked (Rock Cover band) at the C3 Family Bar and Bistro (Calwell club I assume??) FB LINK

Save the Pheonix @the Pheonix featuring Mikelangelo (he is awesome btw) , Brass Knuckle BB, and East Row Rabble FB LINK

SAT 27th JAN

Defenstration, Wrong, Chud, Blightworms (and some band whose logo is so gosh darn metal i can’t even read it) at The Front Cafe in Lyneham – This will be interesting to see how an extreme metal gig goes in a suburban cafe FB LINK

Aussie Bangers and Mosh … Feat: Lions of the Underground, Kitten Hurricane, Scavenger Become, The Maybe List, Prophecies, Reliqua … Heavier Stuff @ The Basement FB LINK

MON 29th JAN

Wandering Ghosts, Renegade Peacock, Second Sun, Hence the Testbed @The Pheonix FB LINK