Canberra has some cool venues but you have to know they’re there! I’ve started compiling a list of the venues that have either submitted gigs or seem to be having regular gigs on here and a little info about them… This way if you’re a punter you can sign up to their facebook pages if you like the venue, or use it to contact them if you wish to arrange gigs, the information here is obviously a guide only if you’re booking shows be sure to confirm all the details with them šŸ™‚

** if you have more info you’d like to add feel free to mesg me on the facebook page HERE


ROSE COTTAGE – In the South of Canberra and over all a really cool venue, they don’t seem to have had the regular shows on of late but when they do, its worth checking out, excellent beer garden too, seems to cater to blues, acoustic stuff but occasionally has more higher octane rock shows as well! Venue Capacity: Varies as the venue can hold indoor and out door shows

SMITHS ALTERNATE BOOKSHOP – Once a bookshop now an inner city venue (Alinga st) and again a very welcoming little place. It’s hard to pin this one down to what they usually put on as its so varied but I’ve seen live bands, plays, jams, readings and more there. The venue has more of a cafe vibe and seems to focus more on the alternateĀ  / fringe cultures with easier going music. Great for small intimate gigs and the sound in there is pretty cool too!

THE BASEMENT – Probably the best known and hardest punching venue in Canberra. The basement tends to focus in on more rockin’ / heavier stuff and being out in Belconnen and having a big floor space they can put on some loud and pretty big bands there but over all the lineups have been pretty varied over the last couple of years and they generally manage to get in bigger and more well known bands than the other venues Venue Capacity: 400+ for large venue, approx 100 for small venueĀ  NOTE: Venue has excellent in house sound and production which should cater to most needs!

THE PHOENIX – Centrally located in Civic’s East Row, the Pheonix is one of Canberra’s longer running pubs. Pretty cool vibe and old English / Irish style pub atmosphere with an varied list of bands that have played there ranging from folky acoustic stuff right through to punk and metal. Venue Capacity: would be around 100-150

THE POT BELLY – Located in Belconnen, this small pub has been keeping live music alive through raft of owners since as long as I can remember. It changed management not too long ago and seems to be be getting into putting on bands again. Has that English pub feel to it in some respects, but is quite cozy and locals always nice. Venue Capacity: approx 100

THE TRANSIT BAR – Located Centrally in the Civic Centre the Transit bar has been pumping out tunes for a while now too. They Seem to do a lot of Dance / DJ Stuff through to most types of bands you could want Venue Capacity: approx 200